Smart, healthy and robotic houses.


Mindhome is the future of smart home. We began out of an insurance underwriter's mission to reduce homeowners' loss costs by 90% and revolutionize the property insurance business. The vision has since grown to reduce all homeowners regular monthly expenses by 90% and drive the future of home robotics through our proprietary Internet of Things (IoT) Mindhome platform and millions of connected sensors and robots.


Mindhome is the leader in affordable luxury smart home for homeowners that see the light.

We distribute our proprietary smart home packages including our proprietary Internet of Things (IoT) Mindhome platform directly and through distributors. We also create new and innovative solutions like our plug-in temperature sensor, water leak monitor, and robotic fire extinguishing system and more.

Mindhome’s state of the art technology is designed with service in mind. You live in the most modern home on the market, and have the luxury of not having to clean it. It is the best in its class, has the coolest features, links to all your connected gear now and forever, and best of all - it pays for itself. A Mindhome integrates with homeowners and their home to connect and elevate their home life. Check out the the following ten automations we love:

Top 10 Mindhome Automations

1. Mindhomes save you precious time and energy by vacuuming and mopping the floors for you

2. Mindhomes keep you on track for taking all of your medicine, and alert you if radon, carbon monoxide or other toxic compound levels are potentially impacting your health

3. Mindhomes light up your children's beautiful faces with colored light bulbs, outdoor light strips and futuristic holographic imagery

4. Mindhomes integrate with all major voice assistants and phone platforms including Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri, Apple HomeKit and Android

5. A Mindhome's lights automatically turn off when you go to bed, and turn right back on when you wake up

6. Mindhomes close your garage doors automatically at night if you forget to close them and lock your doors if you forget to lock them

7. Mindhomes monitor your home for burglary, fire and other potential security risks using state-of-the art artificial intelligence for people and fire recognition as well as cutting edge fire suppression technology

8. Mindhomes prevent water losses from ever occurring by shutting off the water if a leak or abnormal usage is detected

9. Mindhomes alert you to local pollution and air toxicity conditions outside your home

10. Mindhomes are such an incredible value that they pay for themselves starting day 1 through savings in insurance, energy, water, and more.