Homes so safe, they cost less to insure. A lot less.

Mindhome offers exclusive Fire and Water protection devices that result in direct savings on your home ownership expenses. These products generate enough insurance savings to pay for your entire smart home. We call it zero net cost and it applies to all of our bundles. 

For example, if your current homeowners insurance bill is $2,000 per year and we save you 25% or $500 per year and the bundle only costs $480 per year ($40 per month) then you pay about the same as you would be paying anyways. That's zero net cost (also used heavily in recent years by the solar industry).

The discounts you receive on your insurance bill come from the industry-leading quality and breakthrough technology powering our fire, water, and security bundles.



Mindhome's powerful fire safety devices are leading the industry in fire detection, prevention and suppresion. Mindhomes exclusive packages leverage 100's of data points in your home to monitor for Fire, Smoke, Carbon Monoxide and other gases. Our proactive fire suppression is pending UL Certification. 


A Mindhome is the most advanced home at preventing water damage. If a leak or frozen pipe is detected within your home it will trigger an immediate response from our devices such as automatically shutting off your water or increasing your home's temperature to prevent a flood.


There is no home safer than a Mindhome. Our security bundle provides 24/7 central station monitoring and industry-leading technology that is unparalleled in theft prevention and more stylish and compact than any other system available.