Robot Vacuum

Watch this super quiet robot vacuum as it sucks up all the dirt and debris off your floors leaving them clean and beautiful.

Water Flow & Shutoff Valve

A super device that can sense water leaks happening in real time and shut off the water to prevent damage to your house and your utility bill.

Auto Fire Protector

The market's first and only automatic extinguisher not based on water designed to fight fires where they occur most frequently and keep you safe.

Door Bell Camera

The wire-free video doorbell and Wi-Fi chime form a closed, low-power wireless connection allowing for 120 days of flawless front door coverage from a single charge*

Outdoor Camera

Our great open-air camera has astonishing picture quality, night vision and face detection for maximal security.

Motion Sensor

The MindHome motion sensors detects intruders and fires.

Indoor Camera

An ultra small camera for anywhere in your home with facial detection for reliable security.

Window and Door Sensor

This compact magnetic sensor alerts you if anything opens or closes and if intruders are present.

Smart Lock

Our amazing smart lock blends the traditional auto lock with a cool fingerprint tap to unlock.

Temp Sensor

Our temperature sensor is stationed throughout your house to monitor the HVAC and alert of temperature spikes

Smart Plug

This compact magnetic sensor alerts you if anything opens or closes and if intruders are present.

Smart Thermo Stat

Simple, elegant and powerful smart thermostat with a built-in power amplifier and energy use optimization

Smoke Alarm

Rest easy with our connected smoke and carbon monoxide alarms that will monitor your whole house.

Water Leak Detector

These sensors are positioned throughout the home to catch water leaking where it happens most often.

Smart Garage Door Opener

Open and close your garage door and check the status of it anytime from anywhere.

Electric Panel

Understand how much electricity every appliance and light bulb in your home is using in real time.

Sump Pump Sensor

Our sump pump sensor ensures peace of mind with an early warning system that prevents overflowing.

Smart Bulb

Pop our smart bulb in any lamp or fixture in your home and start saving energy and effort.

Light Switch

Control all lights including dimmers and any home appliances and schedule them to run anytime.

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