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Concierge Real Estate Bundle

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The Concierge Service Home Bundle edition adds five more items to the Whole Home Smart Home bundle to provide a completely strong, smart and luxurious home.  Perfect for new homes or first-time smart homers, this bundle includes fire and smoke sensors, water sensors and an auto shut off valve, door and window sensors, cameras with motion detectors and listeners, a doorbell camera, a smart vacuum, smart light bulbs, smart thermostats, a smart garage door opener, smart plugs, and a smart lock.  

  • 10 Mindhome Light Switches
  • 10 Mindhome Smart Outlets
  • 10 Mindhome Temperature Sensors
  • 5 Mindhome Fire Extinguishers
  • 5 Mindhome Indoor Cameras
  • 5 Mindhome Smart Smoke Alarms
  • 3 Mindhome Outdoor Cameras
  • 3 Mindhome Smart Door Locks
  • 2 Mindhome Thermostats
  • 1 Mindhome Doorbell Camera
  • 1 Mindhome Electric Panel Sensor
  • 1 Mindhome Garage Opener
  • 1 Mindhome Hub
  • 1 Mindhome Water Shutoff Valve
  • OPTIONAL 1 Mindhome Electric Car Charger (Add $799)

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