From Curiosity to Home Control: Reasons for Smart Home’s Rise


The curiosity for smart home technology has been officially piqued, and is blossoming into adoption. This is, in part, due to the popularity of the smart speaker and voice assistant. There are various reasons why it’s broken into the average home, perhaps due to the many use cases, convenience, novelty, and ease-of-use. 

Smart speakers have served as an entry point in opening homeowners’ eyes to the benefits that other smart home devices can provide, and showing that the Internet of Things (IoT) isn’t just for the hobbyist but is now in about present in one third of U.S. homes.

With thousands of IoT devices available from startups, the big names in tech, and other companies with products on Amazon and at Best Buy (which is also an ever-growing list), smart home adoption continues its upwards trajectory, because of the wide range of benefits it can provide including smart lighting, thermostats and plugs to save energy and keep the house comfortable. Every home is unique and every smart home is different. Regardless of the family’s lifestyle, safety and security devices are a common thread for adoption, as every home needs protection and insurance.

Part of the growing smart home adoption is occurring as homeowners are learning that technology can become an integral part to managing their home. Beyond the basic smart home security system, advanced systems like Mindhome incorporate robotic water and fire protection and cameras that preventing disasters before they ever happen. 

A security camera lets a homeowner check that the house is secure when they’re traveling, and a smart doorbell camera lets them safely answer the door remotely or deter porch pirates. Sensors have a broader range of benefits, and provide intel on the home’s conditions to the homeowner such as carbon monoxide and temperature spikes, leaky pipes, and glass-breakage. 

As the average consumer becomes more accustomed to and comfortable using smart home technology, Mindhome is paving the way with the broadest range of standard sensors and robotics to proactively manage homes, cut home expenses, and delight homeowners.