Water Flow & Shutoff Valve

A super device that can sense water leaks happening in real time and shut off the water to prevent damage

Auto Fire Protector

The market's first and only automatic extinguisher not based on water designed to fight fires in real time

Motion Sensor

The MindHome motion sensors detects intruders and fires.

Indoor Camera

An ultra small camera for anywhere in your home with facial detection for reliable security.

Temp Sensor

Our temperature sensor is stationed throughout your house to monitor the HVAC and alert of temperature spikes

Smoke Alarm

Rest easy with our connected smoke and carbon monoxide alarms that will monitor your whole house.

Water Leak Detector

These sensors are positioned throughout the home to catch water leaking where it happens most often.

Sump Pump Sensor

Our sump pump sensor ensures peace of mind with an early warning system that prevents overflowing.

Arc Fault Detector

Monitors your home's electrical network 24/7 to prevent electrical fires.

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