Frequently Asked Questions



Check out our bundles by clicking on 'Shop Bundles' in the top menu of this page. The flagship Robotic Service Home bundle costs $24,999 and our Ultimate Super Lux bundle costs $4,499 with installation.


All of the components of each bundle are listed on the bundle page. You also always receive a mini-computer known as a 'hub' which runs your smart home.


There is a minimum contract of a combined $4.99 per month for cloud connectivity and it can be terminated at any time. There is a separate financing agreement should you choose to finance the packages instead of purchase them outright. We recommend financing because it can be paid off in full any time and you will save the same or more than the bundle's monthly cost on your home insurance bill.

How do you figure out how much I'll save?

We have a proprietary mathematical algorithm and software program that looks up the savings from your current carrier based on the water, fire and security smart home systems we install for you.


Does this work at my apartment?

Yes this works in houses, apartments, condominiums, second homes, rental properties, multifamily properties, small commercial properties and hotels.

Can I use this if I'm a renter?

You can use this system if you are a renter but your landlord will receive the insurance discounts.


Who installs this?

We partner with TekumoPro and their national network of certified and bonded installers.

Is the installation a separate cost?

No the installation is bundled into the overall cost.

Does the installation cost roll into the financing cost?

Yes the installation cost can be rolled into the financing cost if you so choose or you can pay for it out of pocket.

What if I sell my house?

Some of these devices are portable, others are not. Many home buyers are willing to pay a premium for a smart home so we encourage homeowners to think about leaving the system for the next homeowner and upgrading to a new system at that time.


What makes this different from ADT?

ADT is a home security company and is one-dimensional. Mindhome is an artificial intelligence based smart home and robotics company that is delivering a whole home smart home experience that touches every facet of your life, not simply the fire and alarm security.

What brands oR OTHER products do you work with?

For a list of partners and integrations head on over to our integrations page.

Is there a warranty on the system? If so how long is it? Is it sold separately?

Any devices that are sold in the system are under warranty for 1 year unless expressly noted otherwise.