Insurance Pays for Smart Home

Heard of smart home? Great. Heard of insurance paying for it? Read on.

Technology is designed to make our lives easier. Today, homeownership requires a lot of care and maintenance, but we’re on the path to smarter living. Internet of Things (IoT) or smart home devices are making it easier.


What’s a smart home?
A smart home can take many forms, as it’s customized to suit the house and the family, built with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or other connected devices that you can control with your smartphone (or your voice). Many homeowners already have a Google Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Echo or Apple Siri, or a Sonos speaker.
But the smart home isn’t limited to entertainment. Did you know, convenience, energy efficiency, and security are top reasons to get a smart home? Devices like sensors, cameras, thermostats, and more can do more than entertain you. Smart home devices like those from Notion are simple to install and can grow to suit any home. Starting with a few sensors is the beginning to better, proactive home protection. With motion, temperature, humidity, and other sensors, you can care for your home from your smartphone. A sensor placed under your kitchen sink can send an alert to your smartphone when extra moisture is detected, or a motion sensor can alert you to unusual activity in your home.


Using smart home technology like this can make your life easier and give you peace of mind. If a sensor alerts you to a leaky sink or a puddle in the basement, you can stop it before it damages your home. Isn’t it better to prevent an issue from happening, than to handle the time, cost, and aggravation associated with fixing a damaged floor, cabinets, or even electronics? We think so. A smart home can do even more for you with the right insurance partner.
SmartInsure designs policies to protect your home, but equips you to prevent the problems with smart home technology. By connecting your home technology with your insurance policy, you benefit from peace of mind and a protected home, and a partner who wants to help you keep your home safe.
Connect the dots of home care with SmartInsure. Chat with us today to get a custom insurance policy to protect your home, and a complimentary smart home starter kit so you won’t have to use it.
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