Smart Homes Sing and Dance


Accepting that risk management technology is the most effective and affordable way to protect property takes time. Homeowners tend to not have much free time. Well actually they have more and more free time all the time it's just they tend to use it more and more for a historically great life balance between work and leisure that keeps getting better every year.


Homeowners want smart homes: smart lights, cameras, actuators. Homeowners do not want boring water shut off valves. Though logically all rational homeowners should care about advanced protection of their property, and even though the investment payback is superb, most homeowners not care about this. Who could blame them? After all, most local municipalities do not enforce even basic fire sprinkler protection code in brand new home construction let alone any sort of auto water shutoff retrofitting.

But some insurers are leading in this area and it is important that these Insurers and their smart technology partners combine to create the new value chain, fill the gaps and give customers what they really want - a beautiful and intelligent smart home that pays for itself or pockets them savings every month. They can attain both by insisting on giving customers the things they need but don’t necessarily want: advanced home protection.

A Mindhome bridges the gap between a dynamic smart home and a money saving safe and strong home. Mindhomes promise to pay for themselves in primarily insurance savings but also in maintenance, utility and other savings over the life of the system starting from day one.

Mindhomes grow around consumer budgets and desires for more savings and more hands-off, luxurious management of their stunning homes. There is nothing like a Mindhome because there is no mission like the Mindhome mission: to deliver 90% reduction in all home operating costs within 10 years. Whether it’s a water protection system, a fire protection system, or even a simple camera with motion detection, risk management for the home has never been so affordable or attractive to the average homeowner now that it comes with the luxury smart home they want. To see more information on packages and how to calculate projected savings, click here.