Passive and Fortified Come Together Right Now Over Me


The home is not only where your heart is, it is increasingly becoming an automated cash cow by offsetting its own costs of maintenance with gains from production of everything from energy to food thanks to the revolution in home automation, home robotics and so many other promising technologies making the home the next great frontier of technology and it is all happening now. 

At Mindhome our goal is to reduce recurring home expenses by 90% from 2020 levels and lead the new era of the robotic home experience. If this trend continues as we expect it eventually a small home can become so efficient that it may even allow you to live there like a bank lives of interest or a manufacturer produces goods that pay for its industrial real estate. In order to better understand how such a future will come about, let’s take a closer look at both insurance and energy savings for your home available today.


In 2020 ,a new benchmark for decreasing home flooding risk using robotic systems was finally supported by good data by Flo’s LexisNexis study that showed a 93-96% reduction in water losses. For years we have had good data on sprinkler system effectiveness for preventing fire losses, but sprinkler systems are seldom actually installed in homes even though practically 100% of catastrophic fire losses are preventable by them and their inclusion in most international building codes as of last decade. Finally, some insurers offer over 40% for wind and hail exposed homes that upgrade their roofs using the Fortified Roof standard. That is because 70-90% of catastrophe claims are roof losses which is precisely what the Fortified standard is proven to prevent. Fortified is so effective that we expect the savings to increase from 40% to 90% in the coming years. 


At Mindhome we have been tracking these roof-related improvements for three years and one day in 2019 we found a home builder in Florida building a new type of house known as the Hurricane Proof Home. When we met EcoHome at one of their homes in the suburbs of Orlando, they turned us onto the idea of the connection between solar roofs, impact and wind resistant roofs, and smart homes. It turns out that the home expense savings could be doubled or tripled by adding solar power with Passive House standards. 


The Passive House movement is revolutionizing energy consumption. At Mindhome, we are working with Emu to map out new construction and retrofit solutions that increase home energy savings by 75% more than current green energy solutions like wind and solar. Low cost, highly protective and solar roofing solutions combined with the Passive House standard and Fortified standard maximizes home expense and maintenance savings to the tune of hundreds of dollars per month. Enjoying a better life has never been this easy.