Privacy at Mindhome

Over the last four years it has felt like all our devices and services were out to get our data and use it for marketing and manipulation. We at Mindhome want to keep your data and personal information as private as possible meanwhile also protecting your home and ensuring insurance providers provide you the lowest possible rate.

Let’s start with how our system works. Fundamentally each part of our safety system is either a sensor, monitoring for problems or a device ready to turn problems into solutions. All the smoke alarms, water sensors, temperature sensors, motion sensors, and water flow sensors monitor conditions to understand when a threat exists. All of this monitoring creates data. This data will be used strictly to put solutions into action. If a leak is detected, that data will be used by your automated home to shut off the water, alert you, and nothing else. We have no intention of sharing any of this data with anyone, except for a certificate to your insurer stating that you have the system and it is in good working order and sending emergency signals to our central station alarm partner Noonlight I in the event a fire is detected, or motion around your house when nobody is home.

For Insurance companies only ONE data point is needed per device. That is, it is in normal working order. These devices by their nature, make you a safe customer. They know you’re a safe customer because this system will do so much of the home safety stuff for you that 90% of claims will be prevented. That they won’t worry that your pipes are freezing while you're away. That your fireballs will extinguish any fire that reaches them and the fire alarms are top quality and ensure the fire department shows up in time to save your home.

Some data is needed to be stored. Flow monitors need a baseline of water activity, and webcams are much more useful if you can go back and see what happened, either for fun or as part of a serious investigation.  

At Mindhome we view your data as private, and something to be guarded with the greatest care. We want you to keep your data safe, and away from people and companies we seek to abuse your data. We promise your Mindhome data will never be left unsecured, sold or distributed outside of the two exceptions outlined above.