Why Professional Installation is Important

Mindhome provides white glove service, standard for all its products, but you might be wondering, “why is this important?” There are several reasons such as the complexity of the products and insurance company preferences. The complexity is easy to see, as you might already be a little overwhelmed thinking about robotic smart homes, much less knowing how to maximize their effectiveness. 

The first benefit you will receive from Mindhome white glove service is that we have tested and tried every product we sell and know they all work well together. Together is the key part, as many products only work well if they are integrated. In addition, with Mindhome, we ensure everything appears in one app together and communicates together to give you a carefree experience. For some of our products this is essential, such as a Flume water flow monitor and a Guardian water shutoff. Separately the Flume is just a provider of water flow information and a Guardian just saves a few trips to the basement to shut the water off before you go on vacation, or if you notice a leak. But when they communicate together, they can detect leaks and stop the water flow immediately. 

Secondly, do-it-yourself installation is a hassle, often not as easy as it looks and often causes would-be enthusiasts to lose interest. Sensors need to be spread out correctly and placed in a spot that provides the correct reading. Wifi Mesh Networks require both a technical understanding of the product and a spatial understanding of the home. For example, when my parents set up their mesh network, they failed to realize that the two repeaters were located almost directly above each other, defeating the very purpose of those repeaters. And everyone’s favorite, security cameras, are much more useful if strategically placed to ensure any intruder is caught on camera. 

Finally, white glove installers will show you how to use our system so you get the most out of it with minimal effort. Do you have six changes you want your system to do during your commute? We will set up a one-step robotic automation for that. In addition, we will finnish by showing you exactly how to use it and all the nifty tricks we included. 

Some insurance companies also need white glove installation to ensure their discounts are not given to people for devices installed incorrectly or not installed at all. Simply having them in the home does not mean they are protecting the home. Our installation provides a guarantee each device is operating properly.