MindHome's security bundle is anchored by its incredibly powerful, low-cost, multi-function camera which combines camera, motion sensor and carbon monoxide / smoke listener into one single device. Use it to keep an eye on kids or pets, or to cover key entry points to your home. It comes in both regular and fish eye lens so you can get an awesome wide-angle view.

Our security system has all of the key features of the top security systems available today including professional central station monitoring and artificial intelligence for facial recognition. range for each sensor up to 300 feet. We also include cellular and battery backup standard on a private 5G network for every customer in case the power or internet goes out. This set is so small and sleak, you will hardly even notice it in your home.


Bundle Includes:

  • 1 MindHome Siren
  • 10 Wyze Door and Window Sensors
  • 2 Wyze Motion Sensors
  • 2 MindHome Camera + Listener + Motion Sensors
  • 2 Outdoor Cameras