Copy of Life in a Mindhome

Reassurance is the key to modern living. Mindhome’s state of the art technology is designed with this in mind. We know that homeowners can’t be home all the time, and when they are home, it's difficult to be aware of everything happening in the home. Mindhome integrates with homeowners and their home to connect and elevate their home life. 

“Our second home is empty most of the year. With Mindhome, we know that both of our homes are safe and secure all year long. Their hub connected to all of our existing devices and smart appliances, and professional installation was a breeze.” Billy G in Pennsylvania

“My home is healthier with Mindhome, we know what happening inside and out, 24/7, and we sleep better at night knowing that our home is connected and monitored” Jason Y in Florida

“We used to have a traditional alarm, it cost me a ton of money and by the time I got out of that contract, my wallet was beat. Mindhome gives me more smart home than any alarm company, and with the money I’m saving on my insurance, it pays for itself” Daniel T in Colorado