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MindHome Ultimate Super Lux

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The Ultimate Whole Smart Home Bundle Super Lux edition combines smart home with our proprietary risk prevention and electricity monitoring to provide a completely safe, smart and luxurious home.  Perfect for new homes and retrofits alike, this bundle includes fire and smoke sensors, water sensors and an auto shut off valve, door and window sensors, cameras with motion detectors and listeners, a doorbell camera, a smart vacuum, smart light bulbs, smart thermostats, a smart garage door opener, smart plugs, and a smart lock.  

1 EchoShow Smart Home Hub or Nest Hub Smart Display
1 MindHome Light Switch (not pictured)
2 MindHome Smart Plugs + 1 Electrical Panel Monitor
5 MindHome Smoke Alarms
2 MindHome Indoor Cameras (Listener + Motion Sensor)
2 MindHome Outdoor Cameras (including Motion Detector + Listener)
1 MindHome Lock
2 Echo Dots or Google Mini Voice Assistants
2 MindHome Smart Bulbs
2 MindHome Thermostats + 1 MindHome Air Quality Sensor
1 MindHome Garage Opener
1 MindHome Robot Vacuum Cleaner
1 MindHome Doorbell Camera
10 Mindhome Temperature Sensors + 1 Flame Sensor + 1 Arc Fault Detector
1 MindHome Fire Suppression Ball + 3 Auto Fire Extinguishers
1 MindHome Water Shutoff Value + 1 Sump Pump Sensor
1 MindHome Leak Monitor

10 MindHome Leak Sensors
10 MindHome Window and Door Sensors + 3 Motion Sensors


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