MindHome’s proprietary fire prevention platform offers solutions can reduce fire loss costs by 85% and provide you with a whole new home management experience.  We have customized our packages to create the best fire risk mitigation and prevention platform for homeowners. This is the only bundle offering available on the market today that is based on a non-sprinkler system auto fire suppression design that can be installed non-intrusively in your home and that can automatically put out fires robotically whether you are home or not.  Combined with our standard central station live monitoring service this is the best value for any homeowner looking to proactively prevent fire losses and keep their families safer than ever.

Bundle Includes:

  • 1 Ecolink Fire Alarm Listener
  • 8 Sonoff Smart Plugs
  • 10 Sonoff Temperature Sensors
  • 10 Turgel Fire Balls