Prevents 96% of water losses!


This water bundle embodies our fight against entropy for the health of you and your home and everyone in it. There is no comparison in the market today - we combine the best brands, the highest savings, the lowest costs with a partnership with America's leading home water solutions installer to satisfy the water risk prevention needs of any home in America. We bundle the water shutoff valve, leak monitoring, local water sensors and real-time monitoring for a price well below the annual homeowners insurance premium savings you will get from your insurer. Here is a closer look at the packages:

Bundle Includes

  • 1 Flo Water Leak Detector and Water Shutoff OR
  • 1 Phyn Water Leak Detector and Water Shutoff OR
  • 1 Guardian Water Shutoff + 1 Flume Water Flow Monitor
  • 5 MindHome Leak Sensors