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MindHome Water and Fire

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The Starter Water and Fire Bundle includes our signature selections built to ensure your home is completely secure against all potential problems excluding burglary. Perfect for new homes or first-time smart homers, this bundle includes fire and smoke detector listeners, water sensors, water leak monitor and water shut off valve, temperature sensors and cameras:

  • 1 Flo Water Leak Detector and Water Shutoff
  • 1 MindHome Sump Pump Sensor
  • 10 MindHome Water Leak Sensors
  • 5 MindHome Smoke Alarms
  • 10 MindHome Temperature Sensors
  • 1 MindHome Fireball
  • 3 MindHome Auto Fire Extinguishers
  • 1 MindHome Arc Fault Detection Device
  • 2 MindHome Indoor Cameras 
  • 1 MindHome Flame Sensor (not pictured)
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