Water Loss Prevention

Having a problem like a small, preventable flood is way, way better than having to rebuild after a flood, no matter how quickly your insurer makes you whole. So join the tens of thousands of homeowners that have started using smart home leak detectors that monitor the moisture around pipes and other areas.

We recommend that every homeowner adopt the following core water loss prevention technology:

  • water leak detectors - for every room with or below water based appliances
  • water flow detectors - one per home to measure water flow and sense anomalies
  • water shutoff valves - to shut off the water in case of an emergency water leak

Basements, attics, bathrooms, refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines all need water leak detectors because that’s where water leaks occur.

These three technologies can combine to reduce water losses in the home by 72-96%. We don’t have to live with water losses any more - within one to two years that will be 99% and we will start using it for even more advanced water use optimization and conservation. The IoT (Internet of Things) enables automation to do amazing things at scale. If there is a problem, homeowners should be notified at the first sign of condensation, drips, leaks, or flooding via app and then connect to a central station monitoring system that has your back and can shut off the water for you in case you are not available or don’t recall how to do that in your app. We prefer to deliver this through text, app, 3D model and when an emergency happens of course to shut off the water.