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Smart Homes Significantly Increase Home Values

  The last three years have witnessed an explosion in smart home device adoption and home security.  Have you joined the smart home revolution yet and purchased smart thermostats, lights, doorbells and other cool devices or have you been taking your time waiting for an easier way or better offers? ...

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Proactive Homes Fund Luxury Tech

PC Mag recently reported data from Statista research showing the popularity of security and smart home: “Smart home security is more popular in the U.S. than anywhere else, at a household penetration rate of 18 percent.” Homeowners are looking to new smart home technology such as door locks, sensors, thermostats, etc....

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What does Smart Home Have to do with Insurance? Everything.

Home insurance is a necessity, but the purchasing experience could be improved to make it more enjoyable for homeowners. Currently when shopping for insurance, homeowners start with quotes from big-name companies and make their selection based on rates and coverage. But an insurance policy should be chosen for more than...

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Homeowners Thriving Using IoT Data

Data is an increasing point of discussion for the potential it can have to benefit a wide variety of industries, from agricultural to automotive, manufacturing and beyond. It can also become practical for the average homeowner, family, or renter through Internet of Things (IoT) technology that’s giving them control of and information about their property that they...

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Increasing Security in Your Smart Home

  Hackers in the news again? Every time this happens, most owners of smart homes shudder at the thought of a security breach in their house and the fear is justified. Real risks exist in the digital systems of smart homes. While the risk isn't imaginary, as Cavalier Estates team points out,...

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